Voyager windshield wipers bushing


The nylon bushing wore out in my 1989 Voyager windshield wipers. Got a replacement bushing from the dealer, but how in the world do I get it into the space? The diameter on each side is larger than the hole it goes into and it has a squared off piece to slide into a little slot to keep it in place. How do I get the bushing pressed into something that is smaller than its outer diameter? I can see it will fit at its “equator.”


Perhaps they gave you the wrong bushing.

If the right one is no longer in stock you may have to have that one machined to fit or maybe visit a recycle yard.


Have you removed the component from the vehicle yet? It may go in from the other side.


Yes, the old one is off. No, the problem is not which side it goes into. There is a groove on the bushing that matches the diameter of the hole it fits into. Go look at a bushing. They are bigger on either side of the groove. How do you press it in to fit?