Volvo xc90 Smashed Can Noise

Scenario- Start car, back up, and cut wheel to the left out of the driveway. There is a loud, crushed can noise. Yes, just as if I had run over a can, but didn’t. This only happens if the air conditioner is on. What in the world?

if it only happens when the AC is on, then maybe it’s the belt slipping when the wheel is turned hard causing extra load because of the power steering pump.

knfenimore, what should I have replaced? The power steering pump? Or wait until it goes out altogether?

kekebe–You shouldn’t replace anything until the problem has been diagnosed by somebody who can examine the car first-hand. We can present likely scenarios in this forum, but you shouldn’t start “throwing parts” at the problem until a good mechanic can do a visual & auditory assessment of the problem.

And, I don’t think that knfenimore was suggesting anything more than the possibility of a belt that needs to be replaced or to have its tensioner replaced.

Okay, thanks.

We just try to help you and give you possible solutions. We are by no means always correct, because we are not physically there to hear and see the problem. We hope to give you good information to steer you or your mechanic in the right direction. Hopefully we will save you a couple bucks.