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Volvo v70 xc shakes

I have a 2002 volvo v70 xc awd turbo and whenever i acellerate it vibrates noticably Or if i drive at highway speeds it also vibrates but is much worse. Im thinking its either a CV joint or possibably an axle bearing but i have no idea how to tell. What should i look for?

You should look for a good local shop with a good reputation. Then have themm show you what the find.

It could be a tire, a CV joint, a chassis component worn out, engine operation, or a broken engien mount. It’ll need a hand-on look-see by a knowledgeable mechanic to tell.

The V70XC has a very complicated drive shaft from the front to the back wheels. There are joints at both ends and another joint in the middle of the thing. I replaced one on an '00 V70XC and I got the part discounted on the internet from a Volvo genuine parts dealer (no other brand available) and it was about $900 for the part. My vibration was most noticeable when making turns and on sharp curves and corners.

Your problem might be something else, but the drive shaft is a strong possible.