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Volvo V70 station wagon

Love your show. You make our Sat. Mornings. Please help!! We have a 2001 Volvo V70, automatic, 5 cylinder, station wagon. NOT A TURBO. The back up lights do not work & it seems to be a mystery on what is going on/how to fix it? Do you have any suggestions and hopefully even better an answer to my problem. My husband hates the car because he says there are so many blind spots in it and the fact that it really isn’t that heavy of a car. Please help!!!

Terry from OOB MAINE & a big Sat. Morn. FAN

Where there is a Volvo, there is a dealer who can probably adjust the switch or replace it. This isn’t a big serious job. You can count a lot of Volvos in Augusta/Hallowell where there are old ones parked everywhere. eI guess verybody bought them when they heard that Portland was using them as police cars. I see the big wagons in town and I can’t believe that they are Volvos. Times have changed here. I wired up a toggle switch on my 79 Chevy pickup but I don’t recommend it on your car. The truck was $5100 new. My sister used to love OOBeach when she was in high school.

On the Volvo that I owned, I had this exact problem. After hearing the estimate of what it would cost to repair it “properly”, I had my mechanic install a toggle switch that I could use to turn the backup lights on. Having a manual switch had several advantages:

*It saved me a huge amount of money vs. the “proper” repair.

*It gave me extra illumination in the rear when loading/unloading the trunk.

*It scared the Bejesus out of people who were tailgating me!

The last factor was my favorite part of the resulting repair.

And it might be illegal, depending on local laws. Check out this aspect before you have it wired this way, inag70.