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Volvo V-70 XC and oil leak from Hell

The old grey mare (2002 Volvo V-70 XC AWD with 195,000 miles) has been leaking oil. After multiple trips to 2 separate mechanics and no resolution whatsoever, I’m seriously considering a repair attempt using chewing gum and duct tape. What’s so different about this vehicle that defies the skills of my otherwise omnipotent mechanic, and more importantly, how can I fix this?

What is leaking and what have the mechanics done in their attempts to stop the leak(s)?

Before answering your question, I feel compelled to inform you that I am NOT a mechanic…and my skills are…rudimentary (at best); so, I’ll TRY to give you an informed response. Having said that, it appears that the oil tank is leaking based on the following:
*the fluid collecting on the newspapers on my garage floor is oil, and
*I check the oil level before using the car and I have to add oil approximately once a week.
As to what the mechanics have done…I’m going out on a limb here…but, I’ll guess not much.
The 1st mechanic was flummoxed, he said that Volvos don’t have gaskets and he tried everything he could to stop the leak. After a repeat trip to the 2nd mechanic, he told me that he had no idea where the oil leak was originating.
I should also mention that this mess started several months ago when the 1st mechanic replaced the oil pan that he said was cracked.

I think I may have found the problem for you!

Mechanic #1 replaced the oil pan a few months ago, and the leak began shortly thereafter.
Mechanic #1 also told you that, “Volvos don’t have gaskets”.

Since Volvos most definitely DO use gaskets, perhaps this guy installed the oil pan sans gasket.

Can’t be that. The mechanic is omnipotent!

Well, if the oil pan was cracked (allegedly) then this means that you apparently had an oil leak complaint before the pan replacement.
The statement about no gaskets is goofy. All engines have gaskets and seals but as to what is leaking on your engine I have no idea without car in hand.

You might have someone else look it over and consider the link below. Maybe this is what started the entire thing and the oil pan was never cracked to begin with. The only reason a pan should be cracked would be if you hit something with it or it was damaged while on a service lift or jack.

(My bad. Scroll to the bottom of the first page for info about the flame trap.)

Oh, how happy and shiny!!!
I can’t wait to show this link to mechanic #1.
I’m so relieved the cloud is populated by so many knowledgeable and nice peoples!
Thank you!