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Volvo timing belt

I purchased a 2004 volvo c-70 with 35K miles.
The manual says to replace the timing belt at 100k or 10 years.
With such low miles do I need to replace it in 2014?

Yes, timing belts are made of rubber and it deteriorates over time, even without use. So I would replace it next year.

Neither the 2.3L nor 2.4L engines are interference engines. Mostly, you are gambling that if the timing belt breaks, it will happen when it is easy to get the car to a shop. Very little, if any, damage will occur from a broken belt.

@davemason do you want to risk a breakdown in the bad part of town?

I’m fairly certain that your engine, like most Volvos, is an interference fit engine. This means expensive engine damage if the belt breaks. You might check with an auto parts house to verify this.

Personally, I think it’s insanity to go for more than 6 years on an interference engine in anything as there are factors other than age and miles. Possible oil or coolant leaks, extremes of cold and heat, etc, etc are not only a factor in belt life but also the grease in tensioner bearings.

Your car is a 2004 and it was likely built in 2003 so the belt is probably 10 years old now; or very close to it.

It’s not an interference engine according to Gates.

I don’t know for sure but the parts houses including this one show it’s an interference engine.