Volvo S40; Please help!

I live in Florida, and own a 2002 Volvo S40 Turbo with the following problem. Every now and then the “Check Engine” light comes on. Then, when I turn the ignition off, the car shakes violently for several minutes. Last time this happened, I took the car to the dealer, and the computer diagnostics came up with this message: ECM-44 MISSFIRE, EMMISSION LEVEL, FAULTY SIGNAL INTERMITTENT FAULT. Could you tell me what is wrong, and how it can be fixed? A cost estimate would be helpful too. Thanks! Alex

Did the dealer tell what was wrong? Did the dealer give you an estimate???

He thinks the problem comes from the coil(s). But I suspect he is just looking at the error code just like you and me. I didn’t ask for an estimate.

That’s all we have to go on here…It’s very difficult to diagnose a car problem over the internet.

You’re right. Hard to email a car!

Alex3110 - are you still having the problem? I just got rid of my station wagon because of this. Now it is starting on my S60

I am not up on new car problems, but in the olden days it would indicate fouled plugs, how old are your plugs? If old, maybe that and a leaking injector.