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Volvo problem

I have an '85 Volvo 240, my girlfriend was driving on the highway and while going 65 MPH the car just died. It had started doing this and at times would shudder right before dying. I’ve had people say it could be the fuel pump, or the fuel line, or even the fuel intake valve, or air intake, I would just like to know, what could it be?

I had a similar problem with my '87 240. It was the fuel pump relay, which is located under the dash on the passenger’s side, as I recall. You could usually get it to work by tapping on it but it is really better to go on and replace it.

The first thing is to look at the air filter. If it’s clean, then change the fuel filter unless that was done in the last 20,000 miles. Try the easy and inexpensive things first then work up to the expensive items. It would be a shame to spend $500 just to find out it was a dirty filter.