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Volvo noise only when raining

A few months ago my Volvo decided that it wanted to be an ?Emergency Rescue Vehicle?. When driving in a hard rain it started making a sound like a sirine! This is an ear piercing sirine that can be heard from inside and outside the car! The sound gradually goes away if you stop at a red light but it takes a few seconds to do so.

The Volvo is a 2004 S60-R. The ?R? designates all-wheel drive with a turbo-charged engine, which is different for the standard S60?s and may, or may not; help determine why it wants to sound like a screaming fire truck in rout to a four-alarm blaze whenever I drive in a hard rain.

Because it only sounds off when it?s raining, no mechanic has ever heard the sirine. My husband, who was doubtful at first, is now a believer. He felt that it might be water splashing up on the belt, so we had it replaced. After the first hard rain the serine sounded off as usual, and the mechanic doesn?t have a clue. He wants me to drop by when it?s raining so he can hear it for himself, I?m sure he?s convinced the sound that I?m hearing is located between my ears.

rain squeal. there is a bracket under your exist half way down the car that is meant to catch the exhaust/drivetrain if they ever fall due to rust. completely useless really. it pushes the exhaust up under heat/cold temperature changes thus making the exhaust bump into the drivetrain. the noise you hear is the drivetrain spinning rapidly against the exhaust. It is most likely located on your resonator because the space is so small between the res and dt. best fix is to cut out the resonator and replace it with piping at a local exhaust shop. cost less than $100. will save you thousands if it eats up your drivetrain enough to start damaging.