Volvo brake calipers

I have a '99 Volvo XC V70 with turbo. The right rear and right front calipers are sticking any suggestions?

Take the calipers off and see if the caliper guide pins are rusted.


It could be the pistons are sticking, which usually requires a caliper rebuild or a brand new caliper. But cross your fingers, as mentioned above, the guides may just need to be cleaned & lubed. The calipers get a lot of abuse from water, mud, etc., being located where they are. Especially if the wheels are the open spoke type, which expose a lot of the caliper parts to the elements splashed up from the road. Plain ol’ run of the mill steel wheels are the best type to have if you want to protect the brake calipers from abuse.

If it is the pistons rather than the guides, you probably won’t find a caliper rebuild kit for your calipers. In-shop repair of calipers has gone the way of in-shop repair of starters and alternators. Much cheaper to send the cores to Mexico to be rebuilt on a production line, so no one bothers stocking the parts retail.

Rebuilt calipers for your car run about $50 each on-line.

Have you ever replaced the rubber hydraulic brake lines in your car?
I believe you have them both in the front and back. With a 14 year old vehicle, they are the first items I would replace. When they collapse internally, it can cause the brake calipers to stick as you noted.

Thnx for your time and info to everyone who responded!

If the outer pad is wearing down much faster than the inside pad, then it is the caliper pins (aka bushings). If it is just sticking and the pads are wearing the same, then it could be the caliper piston. If the caliper pins appear to be well lubricated and not rusted, they could be bent. The designs where the caliper pin is a hollow tube that the mounting bolt goes through can become distorted if they are over tightened, and they will bind up the caliper.