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Volvo 850 totaled - replacement suggestions?

1997 volvo 850 totaled

My 1997 volvo 850 was totaled recently. I bought it new , it was a great car and I’m not having fun looking for a replacement. I guess I’d like a reliable, safe car with decent gas mileage. Probably not new - considering the economy these days - maybe something with lowish miles in the $20,000 neighborhood.

Any ideas ?


I would like to know how it was totalled. A friend of mine totalled his Volvo and showed me pictures to show me how safe he was. He won’t drive anything but another Volvo. So will you please tell me how it got totalled and why you are not just replacing it with a used Volvo? Knowing that could help me recommend a car that fits your needs.

There are LOTS of reliable, safe used cars in the $20,000 neighborhood, especially these days.

Are you looking for a sedan, a wagon, or something else?

I think you’ll find slightly-used recent v6/leather/etc. Camrys, Accords, etc. available for 20k that match the luxury and performance you had in the 850.

And they’re more reliable and less expensive to maintain.