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Voltage Drops Ford E350 Triton V8

1999 Ford E350 Triton V8

Hello everyone, I’m having an issue with battery voltage, and it only happens once in a while.

Sometimes, while on the highway, my voltage will drop suddenly, the battery light flickers then after a couple seconds… ding! The voltmeter jumps back up to it’s normal operating voltage.

It may only happen once, or maybe 3 times in a row, or never. I cannot get it to reproduce.

I had the battery checked, that’s fine. I’m doubting the alternator is the issue. What other factors could I consider?

I had a similar problem once with my Toyota pickup. Voltage drops to below battery for a short bit with the battery light on, then back up to 14 volts like nothing was wrong. Charging system tests came back clean, but it wasn’t acting up at the time. It took a couple of months until the alternator completely took a dive, and I found the brushes were completely worn out. There wasn’t hardly anything left. A new reman fixed it.

More likely than not the alternator is the cause of the problem. I suggest you replace it, especially if it is the original one.

I assume it is a belt driven alternator in which case it would be worth taking a few minutes to inspect the belt & pulley system, including looking for any signs of something leaking on it. A little shot of oil or PS fluid, a little belt slippage…

But mostly, I’m also betting you’re headed for a new alternator.

i agree with the others . . . more than likely the alternator is on the way out

Regarding the battery . . . if it’s more than 5 years old, I’d go ahead and replace it now, as its best days are already behind it

As far as the belt goes, if it’s glazed, cracking, chunking, etc. replace it now. And if there are any doubts about the tensioner, replace it also. Not a big deal.

I recommend motorcraft or gates belts, by the way

Why would you doubt that they alternator is the issue? The symptoms fit, and it IS the most likely candidate.