Volt Gauge Fluctuating

Lol… YEARS late! Relax man. No one was belittling you. Perhaps instead of getting angry, you just move on…

So, what solved your original problem?

Selling the truck. Lol. It never did go away. The sister of the kid who bought it, wrecked it a month after he bought it.

Thanks. “Inquiring minds want to know!”


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You seriously reopened an old thread for that?! Glad I’m not related to you if you’re going to hold a forum grudge that long…

@Blue_Blazer Thanks for giving us a solution :slight_smile:

I must have missed the side post mention! Thanks

Like I said three years ago, I could notice a flicker in my lights and NAPA tested the alternator and said it was fine. I changed it anyway and fluctuation disappeared. So I really don’t trust the auto parts test equipment for intermittent or maybe mild fluctuations. They can tell you if it is dead but they are not an electric shop. So I still say it was the voltage regulator in the alternator.