Volkswagon Trouble Code


Car is a 2004 VW Beetle, 4cyl, not turbo-

Check eng. light is on-

Code pulled is P3081 ‘Fuel air metering auxiliary control’

Can anyone tell me what/where this part is or what the next step in identifying the problem is-

Thank you in advance for any information.


P3081 indicates that the engine temperature is to low. Could be a stuck open thermostat, cooling fan not cycling (running constantly), incorrect coolant mixture. At any rate the engine is not reaching normal operating temperature for closed loop operation.


Michael- Thank you for that information- Makes sense now- The car is my dad’s, bought used and no owners manual- (can’t even find one in the salvage yards)- funny looking icon that my dad said looked like a thermometer would come on until the engine warmed up- (no temp gage in dash)-
Thanks again.


This web site echos DARTMAN69: http://www.freeautomechanic.com/checkenginelight.html Scroll down that page. (Be careful! I think that the site has bugs.) Some people still remove the thermostat in the mistaken belief that doing so will produce more heat inside the car. Someone may have put 100% antifreeze in the cooling system. You could use one of those floating balls tester, or drain the coolant, and put in a 50/50 mixture of fresh antifreeze. Put in a new thermostat, whether it has one installed, or not.