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Volkswagen Passat '01

I have an '01 VW Passat 1.8T - I’m second owner - I have 96,000 miles and last Thursday an oil signal light came on - it said “stop” engine - low oil pressure - I pulled over stopped the engine and about 15 minutes later I started it up and the light signal was gone - I drove it home - the next day - I drove to work - no signal - on the way home it came on - I live approx 8 miles from work - I’m 3/4 way home light comes on, as I pull into my driveway the car completely dies. I call my mechanic and he told me it sounds like sludge in the motor, a common problem - one that I didn’t know about. After doing some internet research I find out it’s a real problem and I’m not the only one. What do I do? VW has extended the warranty but you need to prove oil changes - I went to Jiffy Lube and I have them from 04 when I purchased until 07 that’s when my husband decided to save us money purchasing the oil and filter from Wal-Mart - what I’ve read is that unless I can prove routine oil changes they will not fulfill the warranty - does anybody have any suggestions? Desperate Mary

You can prove oil changes, BUT, can you prove that the oil you used complies with Volkswagen’s oil specification? If not, then VW will not extend any relief to you.

These engines are notorious for sludging problems, but those problems are reduced by using the correct specification oil. I seriously doubt that Jiffy Lube uses that type of oil, and I also tend to doubt that Wally World sells it (although I could be wrong on that point).

No matter what type of car you drive, using Jiffy Lube is likely to put your car in danger of being exposed to slip-shod practices like–the wrong oil/NO oil added after draining the old oil/motor oil put into the transmission, or the power steering, or the radiator, or the brake master cylinder/ draining the transmission instead of the engine, thus leading to transmission destruction, etc.

Also, even if VW does not find out about what you did, you made a MAJOR mistake by continuing to drive the car after the oil pressure light came on for the first time. By continuing to drive the car–even though the light had gone out–you likely caused even more damage to the engine.

When it says to stop, that does not mean to give the engine a short rest period before continuing, and then also driving the car on succeeding days. This would be like someone who experiences chest pain while exercising, and then decides to resume exercising after a short rest period, rather than immediately calling 911. Unfortunately, the cardiac event has taken its toll on the heart by then, even if the chest pain has abated.

Whether with this car or with any succeeding cars, when you see an illuminated oil pressure light, pull to the side of the road as fast as is possible to do safely, shut down the engine, do not restart the engine, and have the car towed to a competent mechanic.

thank you for your reply - my car calls for synthetic oil - which is more expensive even at Jiffy Lube that is why my husband decided to purchase at wally world. Your, right I shouldn’t have driven the next day with or without the light. I’ve decided to trade the vehicle on a new car, I still owe $3000 do you know what kind of value if any I could get for it?? - or do you have a suggestion for another option?
I’ve decided I don’t want to replace the engine. Mary

I agree totally with VDC. PLUS, it’s become way too common for people to ignore ‘check engine’ lights. They come on for a reason, people. When any dash warning light comes on, get thee to a mechanic and a diagnostic. Mkoe…you probly should have your car towed to your mechanic. And since you have a mechanic, let him/her do your oil changes from now on. Back to the warranty deal; if you have all your receipts, hopefully they show the type oil used; and hopefully it was correct. Good luck.

Good luck Mary,

I use to have a 2002 with the 1.8 turbo. I bought it new and always had the oil changes done at the dealer. Volkswagen is a nightmare to deal with thats why I had them do the oil changes. I unloaded my pile of junk at 37K and vovwed never to buy another vw product. You won’t get much for yours with a bad motor.