Visor frits and EZPass

I started to install an EZPass at the top center of my windshield, and found a black grid on the windshield behind the rearview mirror. I now learn they are called “visor frits”. I am concerned that they will interfere with the EZPass signals. Any advice?

It should not make a difference but the EZPass place can answer that . They might even have the answer on their web site . The one for our vehicle says install 4 inches below mirror .

I did a Google search and most of the placement posts said the transponder should be 1 inch to the right of the mirror .

My EZPass instructions suggest placement at just 1/2" from the roofline, so it would be fully shielded by the frits. And, it has no lights that would confirm whether it was/wasn’t read.

I installed mine per their instructions and never had a problem. Check the outdate on the transponder though so you know when it will no longer be good (I think 8-10 years). I ended up ordering a fresh one after some years. Good even in Florida and Minnesota now.

There are tolls in MN? we just leace it on the dash for multiple cars, no problem yet!

Yeah but never used one yet. They finally decided to join the team with EZ pass instead of their own. Now go back and read the EZ pass requirements. You have to register each car and plate that you will be using. Now even they will just take a picture of the plate and mail an invoice for the tolls if you sign up for it, and don’t need the transponder. So if you haven’t registered the various cars, do that.

Yes we have 3 cars registered, went through ipass without the transponder, tried to pay online, only recognized IL plates. Nothing after 2 years!

I installed mine just to the left of the Frits.
BTW, I did not know the name of the Frits.

Yeah the transponder is easier. Back when they were starting to unstaff the booths, took an exit with no way to pay. Had to look it up and Id what exit it was and do a 50 cent transaction on line.

Good place for it since the transponder won’t interfere with driver visibility and should be off the frits.

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Mine is to the left, I am not scanning for fighter planes at 12 0clock High, so does not interfere with visibility.

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The visor frits are there to reduce sun-glare. The windshield visor itself won’t block the sun in that area apparently, so the frits provide at least some block. Unlikely to affect radio signals.

Unclear why those dots are called frits. “frit” is a mixture of stuff used to make glass. First used in the context of glass in 1662, used by good 'ol B Franklin in 1773 “The globe in question was of this frit.”

Maybe the dots are embedded in the glass.

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Ever watch “Sky King”? He often landed the Songbird on roads.

60 years ago. I had a crush on Penny, BTW.

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that sure was an anti-climatic half a second. LOL

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I don’t like anything in my field of view, I responded in kind to your foolish response.

I had to look but mine is in the Frits. No problem. Mounted to the right of the mirror so can’t even be seen exile driving.