Vibration when the car stereo volume is high

My manual nissan altima 2001 has 80K miles on it and in pretty good condition. It also came out 90K mile service 3 months back without any reported problems by nissan dealer.

But lately, if i turn on the car stereo at medium or high volume, there is a conspicuous vibration in the audio and the sound is completely distorted as if the speaker or some other component has broken.

The vibrations are not felt at very low volume though. Any feedback are highly appreciated.

This is typically the result of a speaker gone bad. Try to determine which one it is by using the controls for balance and fade to isolate the sound of each one. If only one speaker is affected, replace it. If all speakers are affected, your stereo has gone bad.

The front and rear speakers on my 2000 Blazer blew out within a month or two last year. I would replace the speakers a pair at a time. Crutchfield has reasonably priced speakers that include installation instructions and adaptors that allow you to plug the speakers directly into the factory connectors.

Ed B.