Vibration when shifting into DRIVE



I have a 2005 Mazda Tribute 4cyl fwd. When idling in DRIVE, there is much vibration. If I shift into neutral, vibration stops, with no drop in RPM. Dealer said motor mounts were shot, replaced them, but this did not seem to eliminate the vibration. Any ideas?


Were the tranny mounts also checked?

Does the vibration appear in any other gear?

Will the vibration diminish if the vehicle is in gear and the gas pedal pushed slightly with the foot brake on firmly so the vehicle doesn’t move?

Any CEL? Codes?

Is there any misfiring from the engine AT ALL?



Thanks for the reply!

Vibration does not seem to appear in Reverse, only D, 2,1.
Truth be told, I didn’t even know there is such a thing as tranny mounts! (very limited mechanical abilities.)
No misfiring at all.


Is it an actual vibration or more of a rattle? Does it seem to be coming from under the car or engine compartment? Could be a mount or something loose on the exhaust.


No, not a rattle, very noticable rough vibration through the entire vehicle. Shifting between Neutral and Drive there is no change in RPM according to tachometer, but huge difference in noise/vibration. Once the vehicle warms up, there is no noticeable difference.