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Vibration in GMC 1995 Sonoma

Around 125,000 miles developed a vibration that seemed to be in the drive line area. Have rebuilt drive shaft - cv units because extended cab - twice and then replaced with a different one; Replaced rear end; Rebuilt transmission; Of course checked all tires and wheels for balance; Just replaced torgue converter again; Replaced distributor; Has been suggested that there is a problem with the engine. Vibration usually starts about 35 miles/hr and doesn’t quit.

Wish so much to keep it running for it was donated for church pantry ministry by family now deceased. About 180,000 miles on it now and other wise in pretty good shape.


Who is making these reccomendations and why are you going for it? You have been replacing major components was there any reasoning used in making these decisions? If all work was done because of advice from the same guy,he has had his chance ,time to seek new mechanic.How much have you spent? My church sure doesnt have this kind of money.The church comes and asks for finiancial support and I want and do help but You have to exercise better judgment in spending.

Thanks oldschool. Several have worked on this and some that are supposed to be good mechanics. The church has not paid for this --I have, and have tried real hard to really use the funds as best I can.

Does the engine idle smoothly or slightly rough?

Assuming a solid engine maybe there is a problem with the fuel delivery. Any idea when, if ever, the fuel filter was last changed?
If the filter has never been changed then the fuel pump could be getting weak because of it.

Sure sounds like a lot of guesswork has been going on.

Didn’t realise how poorly I was speaking. I was letting my feelings over how my church spends money affect me. My apologies