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Vibration at Start

I have a 1982 Ford Granada. It has rear-wheel drive. When I accelerate hard from a standstill, the car hesitates for a second or two and I hear and feel a vibration. This happens especially when I start uphill. It goes away once the car starts moving. Could it be a transmission problem? Could the gears in the rear diferential box be worn? Could it be a worn engine mount?

Since this car has a drive shaft, I would have the U-joints inspected. If what you hear is an eek-eek-eek-… on acceleration, definitely check the U-joints.

Hope that helps.

You could have a transmission mount problem. Sometimes, bolts or nuts loosen and just fall off. Transmission mount metal can break or the rubber can crumble. I have to guess what type of transmission you have but I guess it’s an automatic. The hesitation could be engine related since you didn’t mention clunking of any kind. Maks sure the hot air tube is connected to the air cleaner assembly. You could have a worn U-joint.