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Vibration at 60 MPH

I’m driving a 2003 Mazda Protege5 with 105,000 miles on it. I’ve been driving it since 2006 when it had about 70,000 miles. I’ve recently noticed a vibration at 60 MPH. Above and below 60 MPH it goes away. It is more noisy than actually feeling it through the steering wheel. I can’t replicate the noise if you’d like to talk! Should I start with the local tire joint or take this one straight to the dealer?

Have you tried rotating the tires? They are often the cause of vibration. Can you tell which part of the car the vibration is coming from? (front/back/left/right)

Other culprits can be wheel bearings, tie rod ends, ball joints, or other suspension components. Any tire joint or dealer should be able to help.

Thanks for your response.

I had a new tire put on the front passenger side about a month ago because of a flat. The driver side front tire still looked good (according to the guy at discount tire). The back tires will be due for replacement in the next year or so.

The vibration is definitely coming from the front driver side of the car.

Would you suggest hitting up the discount tire folks first?

Thanks Again!

You need to start by getting the tires balanced.

okay! Thanks!