Vibration after axle replacement

2002 Subaru-Passenger side axle replaced due to leak. Afterwards, car in drive, pulling up to a stop car vibrates, BUT if I let the car roll forward a bit it usually stops. My mechanic has played with the idle but doesn’t seem to be fixing the problem. Thoughts? Thank you. Jerry

Is this a low speed thing where you feel engine vibration ? Does it vibrate after the car is stopped?

Did the mechanic replace the u- joints when he did the axle. If he did he may have not marked one yoke and the two are out of balance now. I did that once when I accidently wiped my mark off with my hand. I pulled it back apart and swapped ends and the vibration went away.


Does it vibrate only when “Pulling up to a stop”? If so I would have the brake rotors checked. Rotors can be warped by incorrect lugnut torquing on the lugnuts.

I’ll have to check with the mechanic on these things. It does seem to vibrate again when starting up the car from a stop. Like I said, it happens when I first stop the car. If I pull up a bit or put the car in neutral, it stops.