Very unusual for someone to make a hotrod Vibe with an old Sunbird engine and adding a supercharger. What kind of dealer would sell a vehicle like this? This modification violates federal emissions laws. Who would buy a vehicle with these modifications?

Can you post a picture of the engine?

Exactly! the only difference is under the hood and some of the exterior styling. The Pontiac a/c system is built by AC Delco and not as tough as the one in the Toyota.That was the case for the Corolla/Prizm.

I highly doubt that…both the price and a “prime specimen” Vibe from 03 still existing. I’ve seen them listed around here between $3-4k at dealerships depending on condition. Given the Engine Swap, admitted fair condition, and 2 previous rear ended accidents, list it for 2k, hope you get lucky, but be ready to lower your price to the 1-1.5k range.

Edited to add: @Coralbo_174594 the prices I list were from when I looked up the higher trim level. If you have the lower trim level, then Dave’s 7K prime specimen is even more unlikely than spotting 2 unicorns walking along the PA Turnpike, and you’ll probably be more likely to get the lower end of my price range.

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Given the history of this car, I doubt that you could get $3000 for it unless prices are much higher in Alaska than the lower 48 states. As someone else said, you could try selling it for $3000 and see what happens. A lot depends on when your mother wants the money for her car and how fast you need to sell the Vibe. Given the buddy price on mom’s car, a quick sale at a lower price for the Vibe might work out best for you.

I have a feeling someone’s leg is being pulled.

Leg pulling ? Which part a. the engine transplant b. Or Dave thinking a 2003 Pontiac Vibe could pull $7000.00

c. both a and b. The OP could be the one having the lower appendage problem.

Here are three at the upper end of the range. $6988 with at least one accident (presumably reflected in the price), $6488, and $5850.

Granted, these represent the high end and there’s no guarantee of actually getting the asking price but there are examples out there, otherwise I wouldn’t have cited them. These are the results of a nationwide search and none of them are near me, the closest being in Milwaukee, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Again, the midpoint is $4750 for a vehicle in average condition, presumably with average mileage, say 240-250k.
Anyway, looks like it’s unicorn season. :wink:

That’s impressive considering the first Sunfire was a 1995 model.


Somebody was pulling both legs. I guess when someone begins to doubt one lie-1993 Sunfire Engine, you add another- had to remove supercharger, to boost the appearance of veracity.


I suppose it’s remotely possible the OP meant a Sunbird. Those were available in the 1993 model year. Or it could all be clean, leg-pulling fun.

Of course the person with the 2003 Vibe is full of manure. Not only do I struggle to believe that anyone would have possibly put an old Sunfire/Sunbird engine into a Vibe, but I really struggle to believe that anyone is paying $6k to $7k for a 2003 Vibe with over 200,000 miles, even if a small number of greedy fools actually posted ads at those asking prices. If anyone is paying that kind of money for this type of car, it must be 100% stock, in mint condition, and with less than 50,000 miles on it.

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Follow my links and you’ll see that all three examples have 122k or lower, very low for an 18 year old vehicle. Further, these are not “greedy fools” but a couple of car lots and one dealer, folks who presumably know something about selling cars. Nobody is talking about a 2003 Vibe with 200k going for $7000 except you. A nationwide search for 2003 Vibes turned up 29 vehicles, of which three were $5850 and above. Once again, the midpoint is $4750, which would be much closer to a vehicle in average condition with the 240-250k I’d expect for an 18 year old vehicle. We’ve already established that the OP’s vehicle should sell for considerably less. It was pointed out to me recently that my experience is not universal. I offer the same advice to you if you’ll take it.