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very soft sound (sounds a little like a typewriter? not sure)

Hi everyone, I have a Toyota Corolla 2007 and I’m wondering if you might know what this sound is, it seems to be coming from the front but I am not completely sure. It also seems to come on and off, but I think it comes more at higher rpm. It almost sounds like a soft typewriter but I would like for you to watch the video before telling me what you think. The sound is very soft so you may want to put your ear near the speaker. The sound is especially noticeable at around 8 seconds and 27 seconds, but you can hear it throughout the video. Any help would be so appreciated. Thanks so much!

Here’s the video:

What’s a typewriter?

Sounds a bit like old school “tappet noise.” The valves might need to be adjusted. How many miles are on your Corolla? Alternately, something in the valvetrain may not be getting enough oil. When was the last time you checked the oil level?

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Thanks! There are about 135k miles. I will get the valves checked. I had an oil change not too long ago so maybe it’s the valves?

I also notice that it doesn’t appear when the car has just been turned on for the day and the car is running at < 50 mph. It slowly starts to appear when it gets above 50 mph and then it remains for the rest of the day (even when I slow down to < 50 mph). This cycle repeats each day.

Could easily be. Have an actual mechanic look/listen and see what he recommends.

Thanks! I will get the mechanic to look/listen. Also, I live in an area with a lot of snow and recently drove through a lot of snow and hard ice (should not have done that!). The sound then started to appear the next day I think. Could the rough driving cause this? I hope it is not a leaking exhaust manifold.

Check for ice,slush and snow accumulation in the wheel well.Use the end of a broom to remove as much snow and ice buildup you can. Usually ,a big chunk of ice can get loose and ride on the tires making abnormal sounds.If you have a heated garage,leave the vehicule inside until the ice melts. If the noise persist,see a mechanic.

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