Vents for outside air not letting air in

1995 Transport Van - when turning inside control to vent - no outside air is coming in any of the vents. Heat and Air work.

You get recirculated air blowing through at that setting rather than fresh air or you get no air at all?

In a separate thread, you told us that you hear a thumping sound from the passenger side of the car when you first start the engine, and all of us who responded told you that this was a symptom of a problem in your HVAC system.

Anyway, I will essentially repeat what I said in your other thread, namely that you need to have the blend doors in your HVAC system fixed. I don’t know whether the blend doors on that model are vacuum controlled or if they are electrically operated, but one or more of them are malfunctioning.

It is REALLY helpful to us and to you if you post ALL of the symptoms in one thread, rather than spreading them around in different threads.

No fresh air.