Vent about your commute

Well I have had a number of what could be termed ‘bad’ commutes, but it doesn’t really matter too much because I enjoy driving. However typically, whichever way my commute took me, I end up turning left at Ioco Rd and Barnet highway in Port Moody BC.

That intersection sucks. I’m just going to say, that, you know you have an issue when the lead light can takes about 21 vehicles, (it’s like 30 seconds long & takes the whole capacity of the left turn lane and then some), you sneak through 1 or two at the end of the light and you are STILL at any given time during rush hour going to wait about 3-4 lights to make that turn. That means there is nearly 100 cars in line to turn left!! Usually it backs up about a mile or so.

These days, my biggest problem is actually getting out of my own driveway. It’s on a major 4 lane road, (but the right lane is parking unless it’s rush hour) I also have a nice telephone pole on the left side right at the end of the damn thing (which is the way the hood of the car angles) to make getting in and out a real skill.

At least the snow is gone. When it snows people think that my driveway is not a driveway (or that I am not worthy of having a driveway) and often either park directly behind my driveway (thanks for that one didn’t you see my CAR in the driveway) or leave me no room to effectively angle my car (one guy left me about 3 inches).

One time one particularly stupid woman WATCHED me turn into my own driveway, and THEN parked me behind me. I unleashed 3 months of parking rage onto her. I don’t think she’ll be coming back.

Next year I hope to purchase a grenade launcher…so that when they park behind my driveway I’ll just blow up their Quebec (it’s ALWAYS a car from Quebec) licensed Range Rover back across the river into Quebec.

In my case apparently every time I try to move closer to work, work moves farther. I had a period in NE that I would walk to work. Then had to go 45 miles one way. This was against traffic and except the occasional snow storm very predictable. This became a 75 mile commute for a few months before we moved to CA. Here, initially I had a 6 mile commute on local streets and that was predictable too. Now my job is at a different location and I have an 80 mile commute one way in South CA. Anybody familiar with the state would know that there is no against or with traffic for such a distance. I spend up to 6 hours a day in traffic. Looking into moving yet one more time.

My suggestion would be to buy a full size diesel truck and put a ball hitch on the back. As you back out of the driveway, your hitch essentially rips into their vehicle.
Or, just call a tow truck and have it removed for trespassing

I’ve called the tow trucks so many times I cannot even count that high. Unfortunately, they take about 2 hours to arrive and of course the car is only parked for about 1 hour and 55 minutes. However, I have managed to flag some passing bylaw officers and got them to dispense tickets on two occasions. That was awesomely satisfying for me.

My commute is a mind numbing 45 miles each way in Southern California. Normally I take the 5 north to the 118 west to home. However, knowing L.A. traffic, that often becomes the 5 north to the 710 north to the 10 west to the 5 north to the 2 north to the 118 west, off at Rinaldi and down to Devonshire west. Back up Tampa to the 118 west. That’s unless the 118 is blocked at Rockey Peak, then I just get a room.

That’s hard to read, but it seems that the mileage is better being a jerk?