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Vendor for hollow threaded rod - metric?

Anybody have a suggestion for a vendor who sells hollow threaded rods in metric sizes? Specifically, a 6 inch length of 12 mm hollow threaded rod, 1.25 mm thread pitch. I’ve Googled but don’t see anything like that available. I might be Googling the wrong term though.

Try search for threaded tubing

Try, search under hub parts / axles.

Volvo’s idea served up some links to M10 threaded tubing in fine pitch which I presume is the 1.25 mm version. I can probably make that work, but if I can find some sized M12, that would be easier.

Look for a Fastenal dealer in your area. If they don’t have it, you will probably need to make it yourself.

Try this place , ,but you will probably have to thread it yourself and make sure the the stock is strong enough for what you intend it for(many different grades or alloys of metals .

I’m curious about the application and function of this threaded rod. Is the applicaion actually a pipe or does it function to support or fasten something together?

I too am curious. I’ve used “coupling nuts” for applications requiring internally threaded rods, even coupling some together with a small length of threaded rod and some lock washers between them (or Loctite) to prevent them from coming apart.

I know they sell hollow threaded rod for lamp parts but I don’t know what the thread is.

Lamp parts are usually dimensioned the same as 1/8 or 1/4 inch iron pipes and have iron pipe threads, not metric. Bike axels are often hollow and I think they usually metric, so that’s a good idea. The application requires it to be reasonably strong to hold the parts together and hollow b/c I need to run wires through it.

Sounds like the perfect excuse to buy that metric “tap & die” set. I don’t use mine often, but when I need it it’s invaluable.

Why on earth would this be required… I PRAY we arent discussing a brake system and its lines??

Im thinking pretty hard over here and cannot come up with the situation where this would be needed… Then again…it might be a project with no rules…Ive got plenty of those so…

Clue us in on what this is for and we may be able to offer more useful info. The guys here have a DEEP Well of knowledge collectively…and if we havent seen or encountered it…you probably shouldnt be encountering it… haha


Because it needs to have wires threaded through it, I presume it is to thread a light into each end.

Why not use a piece of un-threaded pipe. Drill out the ends to the correct size and run a M12 tap down each open end.


Yeah, that’s what tap and die sets are for, to make unusual stuff. You can get the cheap sets that are good for one or two uses, then throw the particular tap or die away and buy a good replacement if you’ll ever use that one again.

Why on earth would this be required

@“Honda Blackbird” … hmm … just curious, you can’t think of a single instance where a 12 mm hollow threaded rod might be useful? I’ll give you that there’s plenty of ways to skin a cat. There’s other ways to accomplish the same thing. But think on it a bit. Are you saying a 12 mm hollow threaded rod has absolutely no useful application at all?

Why not use a piece of un-threaded pipe. Drill out the ends to the correct size and run a M12 tap down each open end.

@Yosemite … Yes, a person could buy the appropriate die set and make one. No doubt about that. Maybe that’s the only solution. Provided a source for a 12 mm OD pipe could be located. But I was wondering whether there was a source for the actual part, rather than have to build it myself. You’d think metric threaded rod would be something car design engineers & others would use to build stuff. Bicycle design engineers routinely use hollow threaded rod for the axels. Not 12 mm 1.25 thread pitch though, at least as far as I can tell. My mt bike uses a 10 mm 1.25 mm thread pitch solid threaded rod for example.

Maybe a pic would help. Are you talking inside threads or outside threads? Sometimes you don’t get a hit until you use the specific description.

LOL…Noo George…of course I can imagine uses for this… I was just hoping it wasnt for a braking application.

And since I own almost every type of tool on the planet…I can make things work…or thread anything… Inner…outer…what have you.

Sure there are uses for hollow threaded stock… I just wanted to know what we were working on so we could then suggest the proper or similar hardware.


Sorry george, I was under the impression that you needed the threads inside the tube.

Maybe if you explained what you are trying to build, it might create a lot of ways to build this part. Our heads may explode like in that credit commercial.

I’m assuming from your posts that it may be a light bar for a bike. Like right and left turn signals from the seat riser.


If its a wire application for a bike… My Knucklehead buddy from HS actually started a company for Motorcycle wiring accesories… He started off by inserting wire looms…say about 8 wires inside of Stainless Steel Braided stock… Kinda like the ole Chinese Finger Trap idea… No matter where you ran them inside a bar or outside…they looked great and were disguised.

Worked great and His Porsche is nicer than the one I do NOT own today.

Figures…he was by far the biggest troublemaker and Hard headed kid in HS… Huge troublemaker, class disrupter and In school suspension life member, universally thought to be going nowhere… He showed us… We remain good friends today… But I bet he has some interesting wire hiding products.

Tell us the project…you will get a lot of ideas…this is the stuff most of the guys here play with on a regular basis.