Vehicle that was car and truck in one?

I was visiting with a family member who was telling me that back in the 40s when he was a kid there was a vehicle that had both car and truck bodies in 1 was easily converted between the types. I can’t seem to find any information on Google. I’m not sure if this was a vehicle or if he was just pulling my leg?

Not in the 40’s but Chevy ElCamino, Ford Ranchero, VW had a version of their van with a truck bed as did Dodge.


Could have been a Ford Model A pickup, or a relatively new Hudson Big Boy

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The 1937 Hudson:


How about the Kaiser Traveller?


Thank you all for your help. I will ask next time I see him

I found this picture in amongst some other stuff and it reminded me that these were either the types of cars my relative was talking or cars of the same era