Vehicle Storage

I need to store a 1998 Chrysler Cirrus for at least 1 year. It has to be outside and no one can drive it.

Outside storage isn’t the best thing for a car. Would you consider selling the car, putting the money in the bank, and buying something else when you’re ready?

Think about it, because the car will continue to depreciate while it’s parked, even though it’s not being driven.

If you must park it for a year:

Add fuel stabilizer to the gas tank and fill the tank with fresh gas.
Change the oil and coolant.
Inflate the tires to the MAX pressure listed on the sidewall.
Remove the battery (if your radio has a security code, write it down).
Car cover is optional. I think I’d just use a windshield shade.

If the storage time will exceed one year by more than just a little bit I’d seriously think about selling the car.