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Vehicle Maintenance

After 30K mile servicing,Hyundai service dept.suggested the following:

Power Steering Flush (?)

Fuel Injection Service

Throttle Body Service

Manual only calls for “inspecting” the above items at 30K miles.

Do you believe the above servicing is normal? I never had to flush my PS fluid on other cars I have owned.

Thank you for your assistance.

These are all pure revenue generators. Skip 'em.

Agree, all are wallet flushes.

It’s too early to change the PS fluid (if it’s hydraulic). The other 2 aren’t needed unless your car runs roughly. Politely refuse and find an independent shop that will be straight with you. Ask your friends, neighbors, coworkers, and family who they recommend.

Although these services are totally unnecessary, it is normal for dealership service departments to recommend them. They are trying to generate extra revenue. You are smart to stick with what is listed in your owner’s manual. It looks like you are one of the smart ones.

I suppose it is possible they inspected the throttle body and think it needs cleaning, but when they include it with the other items, it makes me skeptical. If your throttle body needs cleaning, you will know because operation of the gas pedal won’t be smooth.