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Vehicle heat does not get hot during cold mornings

I am wondering why my car will not put out good heat during the cold months I have replaced the thermostat and drained and replaced the coolant with new coolant any ideas? THis is on a 1995 Chevy Lumina 3.1L Heat feels fine except on very cold mornings.

50/50, We Need To Verify Something, Here.

Did you replace the thermostat and coolant because you had little heat or Did you have good heat until after the cooling system service?

The new thermostat could be defective. Some are. Is it a brand name or one from GM?

Did you properly bleed or purge air from the cooling system as part of the refilling procedure, according to Chevrolet?

The heater valve/cable/HVAC control can be malfunctioning and not allowing coolant to flow enough.


NO I replaced the coolant and thermostat as part of regular vehicle maintenance the Heat was working the same before, Yes I did bleed the system it has a bleeder valve/screw on top of the thermostat housing. As for the heater valve/cable/HVAC control not working properly Not sure I know the AC works just fine.

Does the car’s temperature gauge read low? As in lower than it used to? Have the actual coolant temp checked. As CSA noted it is possible to get a defective thermostat - it may be stuck open.

yes the Temp gage does read ,low only goes up a Quarter of the way. How would I check the cooland Temp myself and if its low would a new thermostat fix the problem?

 It sounds like the thermostat.  If you like you can remove it and get a pot of water put the thermostat in there along with a thermometer.  Slowly bring the temperature up to the correct temperature and see if the thermostat is opening up at the right time.

No Doubt You Know This, But Make Sure It’s Marked With Your Car’s Temperature, Probably 195 F degrees.