Vehicle for towing

I have a 1994 Chevy Suburban 2500, 4 wheel drive, with ~140K miles on it. I haul my horses to horse shows with it. . . and, since I have more than one horse, I still have the 1994 Suburban, rather than a newer vehicle. . . . It has had more than its share of repairs, particularly over the last few years- currently turned down brake drums and cylinders, as they had gotten so hot hauling that the metal turned blue, and new front pads. I don’t know what else will go wrong with it, but am getting less enamored with the vehicle, particularly when it leaves me stranded with a horse in tow.

So the challenge. . . . . and the opportunity. . .what vehicle should I look for that has the capability and stability to haul a two horse bumper pull trailer and horses (about 4-5 ton)and would be a more recent vintage, say in the 21st century, and be more reliable? Diesel would be nice if it gets better mileage- ability to put it into 4 wheel drive is essential, so is an automatic transmission. Thank you.

I prefer one ton crew cab PUs for this type of hauling. On the other hand, a newer Suburban would work out just as well. I went with a gas V10 F350 and get the same gas mileage hauling horses as my brother in law does in his Dodge 2500 w/Cummins diesel. My fuel remains 30-50 cents per gal cheaper than diesel, so I can’t see the extra diesel cost. That said, I don’t haul horses every week or so to events, so you may rack up cost savings with a diesel much faster than I will.

On the brake issue, it almost sounds like your electric brakes are not engaging correctly, or are set “too light” for the load you are hauling. Recommend you have your electric trailer brakes checked out, or do some self-testing, to make sure they are not adding to your problem.