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Van won't move in any gear

I have a 1998 Dodge caravan with a 3 ltr v6. It has a 3 speed transmission. Up until yesterday morning it ran like a champ. I went and turned it on and it started as normal. I put it in reverse…nothing. didn’t move. Put it in drive, 2,1…nothing. I popped the hood and the belt came off. Either it was just a coincidence or what…but I put it back on and it’s still not going in gear. It’s almost like it’s in neutral because the car can be pushed forward and back. In park it stops. It sounds like when I move the gear shift it’s going into gear…but it doesn’t go nowhere. Any suggestions? Side note. I looked at the relay box under the hood and the eatx shutdown relay is missing??? I don’t know if it was ever there or this is part of the problem.

The symptoms point to a failed transmission. Check you transmission fluid. Make sure you have enough. Also make sure it has a nice pink color and a somewhat sweet smell. If you do not have enough or it is brown and smells burnt you at a minimum need to refresh your fluid.