Van revving but accelerating like it should

I have a 98 chevy astro thats been acting up alot these days! just a few eeks ago while checking tranny fluid it kinda smelt burnt. but topped it up anyway. mind you alot else is going on too. in the last year the horn has stopped working, the wipers work when they want to. the stereo stopped working. there was this wierd clicking noise that drained my battery, it was coming from this little black square looking thing under the dash on the drivers side, I removed it and it never happened agian. still haven’t replaced it yet seeming as it ran fine without it. it wouldn’t start when it was raining so considering the other electrical problems I was having I had a wire kit done on it and it didn’t help. it turned out to be a cracked coil, which was replaced. just this last week the heater stopped working and now it started doing this this morning.

You’re in for transmission work, and it’s going to be expensive.

Sounds like this car has led a hard life. Best to shoot it and find another.

And don’t take apart stuff when you don’t know what it is.

Was there a question in there?

It started doing what?

No car advice (I believe you already got good advice, but if you use proper capital letters and spaces between sentences and provide a blank like between paragraphs, it makes your question easier to read and you may get more answers.

I know I tend to ignore hard to read questions.