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Van over heats very easy?

1998 van has been almost over heating for about 1 year now. Doesn’t matter if we are moving or sill. Temp gauge keeps creeping higher and higher. We have had it look at and they fix something but still is happening. Can I have the fan run all the time? What should I try? Oh I check coolent and that is OK. any halp would be great.

Make model?

Describe the “over heating.” Are you watching the temperature gauge or is the radiator boiling over?

Has anyone checked the ACTUAL temperature of the coolant?

What have they “fixed?”

And what have they checked?

1998 pontiac montana transport.
It has never actually never boiled over. The gauge goes up to about 220-230 almost to the red.
When they checked it they said that when it was running for a long time the fan never kicked on and they said they fixed that. They check the coolant.
The van has almost 200,000 miles on it I know it is on its last leg but it is our only car and we are making a trip to Ohio for thanksgiving. We really need to get this fixed before then. Like I said we are watching the gauge and keeps creeping up way high and maybe the fan stopped again and won’t come on. If that is the case how can I fix it reasonably cheap.

Thank you for all our help.

Check the radiator too. You are most likely to see fins that are missing if you check it from the back with the shroud pulled back or tilted back. If you can’t do that, look around carefully and if the radiator shows green or white coloration anywhere on it, you may be due for a new one.

You can’t rely on the dashboard gauge to tell you the true temperature of the coolant. Someone should measure it with an accurate thermometer. The gauge or the temperature sender may be faulty. It’s possible that the engine is not really overheating at all.

Also, I suggest installing a new thermostat and radiator cap. These are cheap and the cooling system will not work properly without them.