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Valve Job or Trade

2006 Subaru B9 Tribeca, 160,000 miles. Misfire throws check-engine light twice daily, compression leak, getting worse. Valve job? or trade?


What’s the code?

How much is the estimated valve job? What would the trade-in be as the car sits right now? How confident are you about the maintenance history and the balance of the car? Too little info for proper advise. 160,000 miles on an 8 year old Subby is not necessarily a deal-killer for me, but other details/issues may be.

Of course, if you feel you’ll have little confidence after repair, trade.

Valve job, but has anyone checked the valve lash first?

What keith said.

Not enough info provided to advise you one way or the other. Compression issues due to valves only or rings involved also? How much for a valve job?

If there is tight lash on an exhaust valve any adjustment may be a stop gap measure as it only takes a few miles for an exhaust valve face or seat to become damaged. How long it holds up after adjustment is anybody’s guess.

I too am skeptical about a valve job, that’s pretty unusual, other causes for low compression, as stated above. I’d have every thing else checked, first.