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Valve cover gasket/oil pressure switch

I have a 2003 Honda CRV with approximately 70,000 miles. My mechanic (Buerkle Honda) inspected and noted; found valve cover gasket seeping and oil pressure switch seeping. I know how to drive my car to the mechanic and that’s about it. Do these repairs need to happen ASAP? Are they related? What would have caused them?


They’re not related and they’re seeping due to age of the rubber and plastic. Those materials deteriorate over time.

As to if they need to be replaced ASAP that depends on how bad they’re leaking and the amount of oil consumption.
The oil pressure switch could be of more concern than the valve cover. While it’s very rare it is possible for an oil pressure switch to blow out suddenly. This can lead to rapid loss of oil and a damaged engine if the engine is not shut off immediately.

That’s not something I would lose sleep over; just pointing out a theoretical.

Since you have a CRV I would also make a recommendation about checking valve lash clearance. While this is not recommended by Honda at the 70k miles mark, their recommendation of waiting until over a 100k miles is flat wrong. You may not have a problem if you ignore this but if a problem does exist it can become an expensive one.

It’s caused by old age. They are not related. You have to change the switch if oil is leaking through it. You can put it off for a month, but you never know when the leak will become a serious oil drain. The valve cover won’t become serious, so you can put it off longer.