Valve cover gasket-oil leak

Have a 2001 buick regal with 114,000 miles. Leaks oil, not a lot. Less than a quart between oil changes or 6 months which ever comes first. Is it worth spending the money to have the valve cover gaskets replaced. Car is great but who knows when you have that kind of mileage.

Valve cover gasket leakage is not that common so is it known for a fact the gaskets are leaking?

In some cases simply snugging up the valve cover bolts may help stop a gasket leak and the PCV valve should be serviced regularly. A plugged up PCV can cause the crankscase to pressure up and create leaks.

If you tighten down the bolts, make sure you torque them to mfg specs.

Also make sure you tighten them in a cris cross pattern.

Any other leaks, one quart in how many miles? At that age some oil seepage is just dignifying the car.

If you’re sure the oil is leaking at the valve cover gaskets and the car is in decent shape otherwise it should be well worth the money it would cost to replace the gaskets. 114K sounds like a baby compared to my '88 Escort with 518K miles. The gaskets shouldn’t cost much and is probably something you could do yourself if you have tools and time.