Value of 1959 Austin A55 Cambridge Mark II 4dr?

I am the owner of a 1959 Austin A55 Cambridge Mark II 4dr. I am wanting to sell but uncertain what to ask for it. It has not run for about 12 years and has been sitting out in the weather. Not in good shape, rusted engine, floor boards, although the body is in ok shape. Please, any input would be appreciated. Thanks

At this site: , they list a similar car to yours, asking 2,000 pounds. Just briefly reading the description of your car as compared to that in the above listing, I would say you might get anywhere from 1,000 to 1,500 pounds for it.

You also might want to check out this site:

I agree that you need to check some british car sites/forums for a good answer.

The most likely answer you will get here is, “Is that some type of toyota?”

Don’t forget to check