Valet parked car's fan continues running


Hi, I do valet parking. This evening I parked a car for a hotel guest. It was a year unknown, Saturn S.U.V. After I shut off the engine and the lights I noticed the fan kept running under the hood.

I was going to mention this to the guest but I figured it was normal. This car must have had alot of hot metal to cool considering she drove direct from Ohio to Kentucky.


So I just wanted to make sure this was normal. Geez. why can’t we edit our O.P. anymore ?


It’s normal for electric fans to run for a few minutes after engine shut off, usually this is no more than 2 - 3 minutes depending on the vehicle. If it’s still running after 15 minutes it usually means fused relay contacts, it will just run the battery flatter than the squirrel I saw on highway 1 this morning.


I agree, but it depends on the car. Some cars certainly are designed for the fan(s) to run after the engine is off, I don’t know about the saturn.