Using oil at high speeds only!

2004 Honda Accord sedan, 4 cylinder, appprox, 95,000 miles, uses oil rapidly at highway speeds (one quart in 90 minutes), in town driving will not use any oil over 3 to 4 months of monitoring.

Any ideas what the problem is and how to fix it?

The crankcase vents are likely plugged.

The first thing to check is the PCV valve and the line leading to it.
More than likely, you will find both clogged with gunk.

A compression test would be a good idea too. Worn cylinders and/or tired rings allow greater pressure to build up in the crankcase via more blowby.

The older Honda 4 cylinders, 96-98 had an issue with the oil seals. While the problem was solved for the later years, it is possible that it could be a random event with the oil seals. Normally Honda’s at this age and miles do not loose any oil at all.

If the PCV valve is gunked up, then I would have the valve cover pulled and check the oil drain back holes. I would suspect that if this engine is gunked up (sludge build up), then it have very poor maintenance.