Used Wrong Oil - 2009 Chrysler 300

**Below article references 2009 Chrysler 300 Limited 3.5L V6

When reading manual it said 5w-20 for 2.7L-5.7L, which I translated as “2.7L to 5.7L” misinterpreting the dash between the two. On the next page and on the oil cap it says 10w-30.

Well, I already put in 5w-20 and now I’m worried my engines gonna wear in high heat this summer. Up in Canada I think it’d be fine in the winter, but we’ve been getting 25°C (77°F) on average constantly. I’m no mechanic, am I right to be worried? I don’t wanna dump $60 of oil

I doubt one change with 5w-20 would affect your engine, but it’s cheap to fix, so putting the right oil in would be worth the peace of mind, to me.

It’d definitely be worth the piece of mind, but still it’s $60 and what a pain it was to empty that thing. It was synthetic as well so it’ll last forever now. Do you think it really wouldn’t have an affect on the engine to leave it in?

Your money , your choice . Unless you have had this thing since new who knows what has been put in it. After all you are not in the desert heat so I say relax and drive on.

Make sure you’re using the correct oil and changing it frequently.


“If ever there was a service opportunity ripe for the taking, Chrysler’s 3.5L SOHC V6 engine (and its 2.7L, 3.2L and 4.0L cousins) is it. This engine was introduced back in 1993 as an “upgrade” from the earlier 3.3L pushrod V6 engine. Some would question whether the move was a step forward or backward because the 3.5L V6 (and its variants) has a poor reputation for ­reliability. Lubrication issues, oil sludging, coolant leaks, overheating and low-mileage ­engine failures have plagued this engine family from the get-go.”

Wow…and Chrysler put these in LOTS of cars…

Agree that for normal highway driving the 20 weight oil is OK. However, if you are towing a trailer or camper or will be driving very fast, I’d change to a 30 weight. The Canadian summer weather is of no consequence.

Also, the V8 has larger clearances, so check the oil with every fill up, since you may have higher oil consumption.

In 2006 when I worked at a Chrysler dealer the manager change the oil in the bulk tank to 5W20 as it was becoming the most common weight oil used in the shop, before that we were using bottled oil for 5W20 vehicles. The manager told us to use bulk 5W20 oil in every engine except diesels and SRT, no more bottled oil.

We used 5W20 oil in 3.3, 3.5, 3.8, 4.0L engines for years without a problem, the engines didn’t change when the manufactures switched to 5W20 oil. Old engine designs like the 3.5L that were planned to be discontinued were never re-certified with the EPA to use 5W20, that is the reason the owners manual shows 5W30 oil.

The V-8 calls for 5W20 in passenger car applications.

So in conclusion would you all agree I’m alright? I won’t be towing any trailers. If it was in your case, would any of you be worried?

It’s an 09. You owned it for 9 yrs? And just noticed oil cap says 10-30? I suppose if you had jug of oil in 1 hand and opened oil fill cap you might see it said 10-30?

Not for a nanosecond. If you get down to 1/2 quart low, dump in a quart of 10W-40.

Reminds me when I was meeting my brother at a Jiffy Lube while he got his oil changed. The guy in front of him told the clerk he wanted 5w-30 oil. My brother asked me and I said his vehicle called for 10w-30.

There was only ONE AND ONLY ONE barrel of oil on premises which was used for all oil changes.

did the jiffy lube monkey ask if he wanted dino or syn oil as a premium upgrade?

They must not do much business, our smallest tank is 500 gallons.

I worked in a lube shop in 1984, we had cases of oil in the storage room for vehicles that used oil other than what was in the bulk tank.

They might have had more in storage…but I had no way of seeing those. The point I’m making - no matter what the vehicle was they all go the same oil. Even when this happened in the mid 80’s there were at least 5 different oil recommendations from manufacturers.