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Used Volvo vs new Ford or Chrysler

Volvo wagons about 3-5 years old go for about 21,000 to 25,000.Our last 3 cars have been used Volvos. My husband thinks it would be better to buy a new ford wagon or minivan or a new chrysler minivan. As far as cost and maintenance, which do youthink is better to buy?

I had bad experiences (multiple, very expensive repair bills) with Volvo wagons. Therefore I’d go with a new Ford. Chrysler has yet show if new models are improved in quality and reliability.

I want to echo Uncle Turbo’s advice.

Ford vehicles now have among the best reliability records in the business, and unfortunately the same cannot be said for Volvo or Chrysler products.

A Volvo may be okay during the warranty period, but once warranty coverage expires these vehicles have a tendency to turn into genuine money pits. A Chrysler minivan will not be anywhere near as expensive to maintain or repair as a Volvo, but its reliability is likely to be “bottom of the barrel” among US automotive nameplates.

A Dodge Durango caught fire during a parade not that long ago, and it was a 2012 model to boot.

I’d go Ford, though a Mazda 5 is a good alternative to both. For 25k you can get HIDs, sunroof, heated leather seats, SIRIUS radio, rain sensing wipers and 21/28 mpg

Of the choices you have given, Ford products get my vote for the best buys. Ford is the most reliable domestic manufacturer of cars. Their products in every line (except for the Ranger) competes with the top in class. Chryslers may make a comeback, but they will have to prove themselves. Volvos are too spotty in reliability to be recommended. But, if you have the money in your account for repairs and want the brand, go for it.

One more vote for Ford. You are leaving out all the other brands, like the Mazda 5 mentioned above or CX-7 (non-turbo).

Personally, of the choices you listed, I would go with a Ford. Given more choices, I would go with a Honda.

ford vans suck.very weak drive trains.i will never have another vans are very good!

Of course you’d want to base your decision about current model Ford wagons from someone with bad experience with an older completely different product, especially when the manufacturer in question is renowned for their quality improvements. Makes sense to me.

I’d go with the Ford, despite thecarguys irrelevant comment. Yes, Honda is good, but you’ll pay a premium for it, with no additional benefit.

Given my horrible recent experience with Mazda corporate, and their refusal to stand behind their product, I can never recommend anyone buy a Mazda.

“honda vans are very good”

…except when their transmissions fail at fairly low odometer mileage, and except when their motor mounts and/or transmission mounts fail, and except when problems crop up with their variable valve timing, or…

If you buy a new car, you start off with new tires, fresh fluids, new wiper blades, battery, etc. You also have a longer warranty than most used cars.

Ford please.

VDC…picky, picky, picky. Name a more reliable minivan, other than a Sienna.

Well, obviously I can’t name any of Chrysler’s mini (or maxi) vans for a list of more reliable vans. Yes, the Sienna is more reliable than an Odyssey.

The old Nissan Quest was not the greatest when it came to reliability.
The essentially identical Kia Sedona and Hyundai Entourage are…not good.
Perhaps we could nominate the Mazda 5 for the list, although it is only average in reliability.

In truth, I don’t think that any of the minivans on the market are as reliable as the most reliable cars, but if I had to choose one, the Sienna would be my first choice and the Mazda 5 would be my second choice. I would tend to avoid the new Odyssey more because of its size ( it is absolutely HUGE and it reminds me of the Queen Mary), than because of any remaining reliability issues.

I guess you also disagree with the general consensus of CR over the years and the summary of the previous owners who are in general, all happy with the van and recommend it highly. The reliability though not without issue in an area or two, is generally better then the average car on the market. You seem to have a personal bias not shared by owners and ALL who have reviewed and tested the Odyssey van. Strange.