Used vans (contined)

To Roadrunner,in particular: Which minivans are better? I want to spend around 2000$ Any years or makes to avoid? Van would be used locally, just 2 or 3 nights at a time.I was thinking of a used industrial work van. Thanks. L

For full size vans, look at used small school buses. You can often get ones in good shape with relatively low mileage for under $2000. Many school bus lines get rid of buses after 10 years because of local or provincial laws. I got an 88 Dodge Ram bus in 98, with 120,000km on it for $900, and it lasted until 2003, with few repairs.

As for minivans, anything in your price range is not going to be very good. You might get lucky and find a half-decent used cargo minivan, such as a Ford Windstar or Chevy Venture, but personally, I would go for a mid to late 90’s truck-based minivan, particularly the Ford Aerostar or Chevy Astro/GMC Safari. Both can be had fairly cheap, and are quite reliable. They both also came with AWD as an option. I think you should be able to find decent copies in your price range.