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Used Saab

I am considering buying a 2008 9-7x, Is this agood idea with the changes in the company? It is for sale from work. It is a work vehicle that I drove primarily. The maintainence was good. It has 70k miles but in great condition. They are looking to sell it for about $10,000.

The 9-7x was a well-optioned GM SUV, basically the same as the Envoy or Blazer, so I doubt there will be any problem getting it fixed. Looks like $10k is a good price, and you know the history, so that makes it a low-risk purchase.

What kind of engine and transmission are in it? Off the shelf GM stuff or something different and unobtainable…

Being he GM car, I would treat it as such and agree with everything " texases" says. If you want a used GM SUV and you know the history, what else can you ask for ?