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Used Honda CR-V or something else

My wife and I are wanting a vehicle that has decent gas mileage (25/30 mpg hwy, 20/25 mpg city), has the ability to put something the size of washer or dryer in the back of it, and that is a 4 door, automatic. Is the Honda CR-V the best thing on the market as a used car that meets these requirements? The trouble is that our budget limits us to about $5,000 and I have not been able to find one at that price. Is there something else that would fit our desires at that price range?

Unless you need AWD…you’ll never get one for $5000 that isn’t on it’s last leg.
I would suggest an older 4 cly Ply Voyager or Dodge van as a second car. They don’t hold their value well, but you’re not getting 30 mpg. An old PU just to use for that washer…or ready…A UTILITY TRAILOR and tow with compact rated for it…

I don’t think a full-sized washer will fit into early CR-Vs. Look for a minivan. Even a short wheelbase model will swallow the load. Most come with two rear sliding doors. You can get a decent Dodge or Chrysler mni in your price range. Avoid the 1996 and 2001 model years. Be sure the transmission was properly maintained (proper fluid used, changed with the filter at proper intervals).

My sister in law Subaru Forester fits that bill as they hauled our old dryer away in it with hatch I believe closed and get your mileage criteria. The problem is at $5k its a well used one.

I personally would go for a high depreciation domestic minivan like Dodge Caravan.

I have driven in a snow storm with a full sized washer in the back and a full size dryer on the roof of my 1st gen CRV. It has AWD and I usually get low to mid 20’s. Only things I do not like is that it is loud on the highway and the gas mileage is not that great on the highway (highest has been 29mpg, but usually closer to 27).