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Used high-end car vs. brand new ordinary car

I learned about the difference in quality between high end and ordinary cars when I was a graduate student and lived with my wife in married student housing. This was in 1970 and I had a bottom of the line 1965 Rambler Classic 550. A new young faculty member and his wife were allowed to live in the married student housing building until they could find a house. At any rate, this young professor had a BMW. His wife worked on campus and one wet rainy day when I was taking my wife to her job, this young professor was frantically trying to dry out the ignition on his BMW with his wife fussing at him from inside the car. I offered him and his wife a ride which they accepted. I took my wife and his wife to their jobs. After both women were out of the car, he proceeded to tell me how well made his BMW was and how poorly made my Rambler was. He found a whole litany of things wrong with my car. I finally said, “No matter how hot it is outside, and no matter how heavy a load I’m pulling (I moved in pulling a U-Haul), my car has never overheated. No matter how cold it gets, I’ve always been able to start the car (and I started the car at -20 F)”. The new prof said, “You wouldn’t appreciate a fine car.” “Probably not”, I replied. “But I sure hate to have to walk when it rains”. When the prof got out of the car, he slammed the door so hard I thought the glass would break. The next time it rained and he was trying to dry out the ignition system with his wife yelling at him, my wife and I took off in the Rambler. Being the friendly type that I am, I honked the horn and waved.