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Used car value?

Looking for $6k suv. Found 2 2006 equinox’s. One has 65k miles, very low for $6.5k. 2nd has 160k for 2700. Both have clean title, no damage. Cheaper one needs tires. Avg price for 06 is about 5500 in my area. They have Chevy 3400 motor which uses timing chain. We plan on getting 2 yrs of use with 20k miles? Is paying higher price for lower mile rig better in our case? Cheap one will cost 3300 after new tires are included.

Those Equinoxes had/have a lot of problems. I wouldn’t buy one, but if you must, buy the lower mileage one, which is less likely to be falling apart.

2 yr deal. Lower mile rig will almost certainly be more trouble free and worth more in 2yrs. I bet both depreciate the same amount in 2yrs. A 85k mile rig is much easier to sell than a 185k version.but than. Price is always the main factor when selling a used car

Check Edmunds to see what their value is on the 65,000 mile Equinox. Many sellers overvalue the low mileage. In my area, the premium is $823 for this mileage on the base model. Our prices Re considerably higher, too. Retail for a stripped base model is $10,100 and private sale averages $8662. I live in the DC/Baltimore area.