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Used car - reliable and good in bad weather

Hello, I am forced to buy a car to replace one totalled in a collision. I need a car that is safe, gets good mileage and is sturdy and reliable expecially during the many months of bad snowy, icy winter in the Chicagoland area. My daughter, who is a new driver will also borrow it from time to time. What will I buy?

2002 Chevy Prism with winter tires should suffice. Is inexpensive and the last year the Corolla was made with Chevy name plate. If you feel you need more room, a Honda CRV with or without awd but with winter tires. One of most reliable SUVs ever made. The added ground clearance in two wheel drive will more than get you by and it’s cheaper. The older and smaller compact upright SUVs make great city cars…like old Checker Cabs. I’m for keeping a low profile with older used cars in the city.