Used car purchase

Has anyone purchased a car from the Subaru guru Ernie Meunier in Arlington? Sounds knowledgeable, but I’m a first time buyer.

Here is not the place to find dealers in particular, here is to educate yourself in the ways of automobile sale to be a knowledgeable buyer on your own. If you’re depending upon the dealers to walk you through the pitfalls of car purchase, you’re already starting off with one strike against you. The idea, is to learn enough of the inner workings of car sales, to get really good deals and service from dealers that DO NOT have your best interest at heart.
Never ask a question of a car salesman, you don’t already know the answer to.

I;m sorry, but the real Subaru gurus are in areas where Subarus are the biggest sellers; in the northeast, and even they are gurus in their own minds only. Everyone’s just a hard working smuck like the rest of us, trying to carve out a living.